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Apr 25 – St. Maximilian – The Loss of Infinite Graces

By April 25, 2008April 30th, 2008Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia, St. Maximilian Daily

Ave Maria!April’s Theme: Obedience

“With how much displeasure and remorse will a friar, on his deathbed, remember those superiors whom he perhaps liked the most because they were more ‘indulgent’, more ‘understanding’, ‘kinder’, ‘nicer’, for having given in to his own will and thereby permitted him to lose the infinite graces, blessings and divine sweetness that the Lord grants only to generous souls, who are ready to renounce, even immediately, the things that are most dear to them, that are most reasonable and sublime to them, when obedience required an entirely different thing, that is to say, when God Himself indicated to them a different path.” (cf. SK #329)


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