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Tongue or Hand?

By April 23, 2008April 25th, 2008Uncategorized

This interesting article, ‘Historical argument favors Communion on the tongue’, discusses the historical evidence of receiving the Eucharist on the tongue. However, if you scroll down through some of the comments you’ll find comments like this…

…a church historian???

Historically speaking, I don’t believe the Apostles received communion on the tongue, nor did St. Paul, nor anyone else in the Church. The most important Ecumenical Councils of the early Church did not consider this a problem. So what’s the problem… people have a choice. People are very reverent when they receive communion in the hand… that’s what I have observed.

and, a product of the modern RCIA

I became Catholic in 2005, a convert from near atheism. While in the RCIA process, the Priest discourged us from recieving on the tongue. He never said we couldn’t, but made it sound as if it would be “icky” for the Priest and for us. In talking to my fellow clasmates, they all felt as if recieving on the tongue would be most proper, if we really believed in the Real Presence; because of our formation we all felt uncomfortable recieving on the tongue and because of it, we all recieve in the hand

…someone who echoes my thoughts

How wonderful it would be to bring back the altar rails, and for everyone to kneel and to receive Jesus on the tongue. Maybe, before I die. . . .

Future saint receiving on the tongue

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