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Apr 20 – St. Maximilian – A Viewpoint of Infinite Wisdom

By April 20, 2008April 30th, 2008Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia, St. Maximilian Daily

Ave Maria!April’s Theme: Obedience

“The superior may permit the friars to present their various opinions, or he may not permit them, according to how he judges it as more or less opportune in the eyes of the Immaculate, even if this were contrary to everyone else’s point of view, because only in him does the Immaculate manifest, in that moment, Her will, and not to others. Consequently, only the viewpoint of the superior is the viewpoint of the Immaculate, a viewpoint, therefore, of infinite wisdom.” (cf. SK #329)


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  • E. Gormley says:

    And that’s true, because the friars should know in their hears that the God of justice and mercy knows the hearts of all involved.

    God have mercy on all of us.

  • E. Gormley says:

    btw, it’s my experience that when Our Lady sets the “ground rules” in her messages (authentic ones) in a particular matter it is for the protection of all. And even for us lay people, it’s clear even when there’s no “superior” to turn to.

    As she has said elsewhere – there are many graces we refuse to ask for. However, she does not leave us orphans even when people abandon us.

    So when hearts are turned to her and they wish to complete the work she asks of us – that will be a happy day. Until then we wait.

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