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FiNews – Pope Benedict XVI: Historical First Visit to the USA

By April 15, 2008April 22nd, 2008Announcement, Benedict XVI, News, Religious Liberty

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  • Allan Eckert says:

    Hi Raymond;

    I am truly grateful for your comment this morning just before the Pope started Mass about why don’t they let him be himself because he does so much better then. This comment of yours helped me so much because I was trying to figure exactly why my connection to Pope Benedict has increase so much in the last couple of weeks, I think it has been exactly what you said, hearing him be himself. In the past he has been reading prepared material and this give him an artificial mechanical feeling to his presentations. After hearing the rerun of your interview with him in which you could hear his sense of humor as he responded to your question, I found my feeling for him to be greatly increased. Thank you for the good work. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Allan Eckert

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