Video – Face of Pro-Life #29: The Case of Maria Lauterbach

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Ave Maria!

The number one cause of death in pregnant women is murder. In this episode, Fr. Angelo discusses the case of Maria Lauterbach, a 20-year-old pregnant Lance Corporal who was to testify in court concerning her rape, but was found dead as a result of blunt-force trauma to the head.

Ave Maria!

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  • Rachel says:

    Sorry to have to disagree with this priest for the first time, about woman being the weaker sex, but all one has to do is spend 6 weeks training for the position of a corrections officer for a maximum security prison to realize that woman CAN take a man down to the ground and make him cry UNCLE. While working at a maximum security prison in Florida several years ago I learned not only self defense but ways to use physics to overpower men twice my weight who were far taller than myself. The men in this facility had nothing better to do with themselves and their time but excercise and work out to build huge muscle mass on their bodies! It’s all in the techniques!! No woman ever need fear a man if she takes the time to learn self defense!

  • Fr Angelo says:


    I am even more sorry to have to disagree with a lady–and I am not being condescending.

    Primarily, when I speak about women as the weaker sex it is because of their capacity for motherhood. Weaker does not necessarily mean lesser or less perfect or less important. Radical feminists have long regarded childbearing as a liability, even if they consider the potential of maternity itself a good thing. Women are inherently vulnerable, because only women get pregnant. Feminists “solve” this problem by seeking radical independence from men which can only be acquired through free access to birth control and abortion. Some feminists have gone so far as to regard the fetus as a parasite. For this reason I unabashedly affirm the need for women to be protected by men.

    However, I respectfully disagree with you on another score. If women are not generally weaker on a physical level, then there would be no need to separate men and women’s sports, including contact sports like football. I don’t think anyone would argue this.

    I am no expert but my experience tells me that most fights are over very quickly. When one of the opponents gains an advantage and capitalizes on it without relenting the other person is overcome. Size and power are not everything, but they are tremendous advantages.

    I am glad that a woman can defend herself; however, the Lady Rambos of television and the movies are misleading fantasies that encourage girls to aspire to exactly what the feminists desire, radical independence from traditional marriage, motivated by violent rage. One day a girl like this will try a fancy move on a big unscrupulous guy that knows more or less as much as she does, and not only will she be overcome by him, she is liable to be disrespected in ways that a man most likely would not.

    That’s only my opinion, but I think its a good one.

  • Lucy says:

    As a Post-Abortive Woman who was nearly strangled to death by my boyfriend the father of my first unborn child and punched in the mouth by my father for having gotten into this “disgrace” I really am not surprised that the so-called medical community would call what Planned Parenthood does to women and their children as “health care” but what is surprising is that,at the beginning of your program you mentioned that a person who kills a pregnant woman is tried for both murders but not in South Carolina, yet someone who does have an aboritonist liscensure is not held to that same standard whether the aboritonist kills the mother in the process of killing the unborn an abortion? This is quite ironic as it is hypocritical. Why don’t you do a program on the statistics of deaths and serious injuries to women who have underwent and abortion? Again, I think the underlying mentality by immoral and crimminal men are that if you can do this violence to an unborn person, than the next step is to do that same violence and abuse to the person who is the vechicle of this “vulnerablility’ which Fr. Angelo mentioned and that is the mother herself.

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