Video – Fr Maximilian – The Cornerstone #42: Absolute Primacy of Christ *Final Episode*

By February 23, 2008April 21st, 2008Fr. Maximilian Dean, The Cornerstone

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Ave Maria!

In the previous episode, Fr. Maximilian spoke of the "Alpha" and the "Omega" of the spiritual life which is: Jesus Christ. And in this episode, Father recapitulates all he has spoken of ever since the - "Alpha" - first episode, because we have now reached the "Omega" of this series, the final episode. It has been a captivating experience as Father led us to a deeper understanding of the Absolute Primacy of Christ, the subordinate primacy of Our Lady and the importance this has on our spiritual lives. Especially the role of Our Lady on mediating the graces which conform us to Christ. We hope you enjoyed this series, and we thank you for joining us!
Ave Maria!

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