Video – Fra Joseph – No Apologies #33: Historical Reliability of The Gospels

By February 18, 2008June 23rd, 2008Air Maria Series, Fra Joseph Mary, No Apologies
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Ave Maria!

This week we return to our 6 steps to Catholicism. On the 4th step Fra Joseph continues to demonstrate that Christianity is the religion worthy of belief. He shows this by establishing that the sacred writers assigned to write the Gospel accounts were indeed the true sacred writers. Listen as we examine the historical reliability of The Gospels!
Ave Maria!

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  • magdalen says:

    I am afraid that I do hear from the pulpit that the bible is ‘stories’ and from several priests–when the scripture is ‘unpacked’ for us at all. The lucan community put together the infancy narratives and so on. Christ may not have really risen from the dead in His bodily form; theologians are still working on that. And then that thing about the ‘reed sea’-chuckle chuckle (I can hear father’s chuckle at how ignorant we all are) –and some say the Red Sea!

    Yep, get this stuff regularly and especially from two retired priests.

    The pastors talk about themselves….

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