Video – Roving Reporter #22 – Fr. Maximilian Dean: Entering the Contemplative Life

By February 5, 2008January 13th, 2012Fr. Maximilian Dean, Fra Roderic Mary, Roving Reporter
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Ave Maria!

We caught-up to Fr. Maximilian Dean in Carmel, IN at his last concert just prior to his entry into our new contemplative community in Tuscany, Italy near Florence last Fall. Father talks about his active ministry in music, producing Cornerstone videos and being Superior of Mt. St. Francis Hermitage. He then explains the importance of the contemplative life which our Lord calls the greater part and which has called him away from this activity into silence. Farewell, Father, and keep us in your prayers.

Ave Maria!

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  • Jennifer A. says:

    I very much enjoyed this! Although I am a wife and mother and thus could not enter into any kind of contemplative life at this point, I have been quite intrigued by it as of late. I thought the analogy with Moses was wonderful. It’s so true that our current culture is more of the “roll up your sleeves and get dirty” type of mind-set versus the retreat and pray mind-set. I will be honest that I, too, am the *roll up your sleeves* type but I believe God has been opening my eyes to see this other MORE necessary facet … and that is that we just need to pray. Silently. I recently purchased the movie, “Into Great Silence” about this contemplative order of friars in the French Alps. (You’re welcome to borrow it if you haven’t seen it yet.) I’ll admit that it’s hard for me to stay focused on it … because it’s completely silent except for the ringing of the Church bells. (Atleast from what I’ve seen so far.) It is my intention to get through the movie during Lent because I believe there’s much for me to learn here. I feel it’s pathetic that I struggle with watching this because it just proves how very distracted I have become when sitting in silence to watch a movie seems so difficult. So, I will pray that this new contemplative facet within your order will bring much fruit.
    Ave Maria!

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