Video – Fr Maximilian – The Cornerstone #37: Mary and St Longinus

By January 19, 2008April 21st, 2008Fr. Maximilian Dean, The Cornerstone
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Ave Maria!

In this episode, we return to blood-stained Calvary and the tears of Our Lady, which co-mingled with the blood of Jesus for our salvation. Now Father Maximilian points his spotlight on the centurion, St. Longinus, a Roman executioner by trade and then a child of God by grace. He participated in and witnessed the most excruciating death in the history of the world. St. Longinus is the one who thrust the lance into the side of Christ. Christ had already expired and so did not feel the pain of that blow, but His mother, standing but a short distance away, felt that wound acutely.

[note: We apologize for the technical glitch toward the end of this vlog. We aren't able to re-record the show with Father Maximilian, being that he's in a contemplative house in Italy praying for all of us!]

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