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The Saints Were Mentally Ill?

By January 10, 2008Fr. Angelo Geiger, News, Saints

theviewbehar1.jpgAnother reason why paying a bunch of privileged women to talk about anything that pops into their heads is not a good idea. A view into Hell.

Fr Angelo

Author Fr Angelo

I am Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate, and a priest for more than twenty years. I am now studying in Rome for my licentiate in Theology.

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  • George Festa says:

    I am sad to say that I have family members who watch this garbage, please pray for them.

    In Christ,

    George Festa

  • Scott Miller says:

    Is the from the show “The Ignorant”? I am reminded of the saying that it is better to let people think you are an imbecile, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
    The true beauty of the saints is that they all came from different backgrounds, lived in different times, and accomplished different things. Even so, they were images of Christ on earth. If they were mentally ill, sign me up!!!
    We have saints today, as in every age, it is just that in the noise of this world (like The View) they are not noticed – which is a blessing to them no doubt!

  • Ave Maria says:

    I have never and will never see this show but from what I have read, most of these gals are ex-Catholics! So they have some interior issues to deal with and some of the blasting of the Church that they have done and has been made known in the past is a way to soothe their own poor consciences.

  • Marc says:

    This almost seems fake. How can a person be so ignorant as to make a fool of themself on television like this. The saints herd voices so they were mentally-ill? Come on, they can at least come up with a better arguement.

  • Steve says:

    Isn’t she married to Regis Philbin?

    Poor, poor Regis.

  • Set All Afire says:

    The sad, yet be it true, fact of the matter is that shows like “The View??? have a wide range audience. Housewives, retires, college kids, men, women all watch this show to stay “informed???, and think that these women represent “American??? society. What surprises me is that the “View??? still has viewers after the whole Rosie O’Donnell escapade. Never the less the show still rolls on like a steam engine heading straight towards hell, and who is the engineer, none other than women with their hearts beating out of control, their minds lost in their own arrogance, and their feet squarely in their mouth

  • Memere says:

    Barbara Walters owns this program and the more controvesial and “shocking”, the better. So not worth our time!

    (Regis Philbin’s wife’s name is Joy, but certainly NOT this one! )

  • Patrick Skinner says:

    Maybe our country is mentally ill. My advice is to get rid of the TV, we got rid of our cable TV 3 years ago. Its has made an amazing difference in our lives. The other amazing thing is that when we do watch TV at a friends house or something we are often times very shocked at just watching commercials. When we had TV, we were very decensitised to what we were watching.

  • Paul Xavier says:

    Hmm, people tend to complain about things like this, and in the long run, we never do anything about them. Is there any chance that Pope Benedict is heading to Clermont?

  • Handmaiden says:

    This is very sad. And yet amusing.
    Shows like this are just ridiculous. How can people bear to watch them and not be tempted to attack them? I know I would.

  • Georgia says:

    Saints are people that show us THE WAY (which means sanity) back to God. This was Jesus mission. He came to show us SANITY, how to be human. The Saints were few people that found and understood Jesus Christ. It is High Wisdom and True Love, and you can only SEE this if you Love God. This LOVE, is the KEY, that lets us see this. Why am I writing this and how do I know. I was lost, (confused) and I TRUSTED Jesus Christ, I want to hold on to my sanity, and I really loved Him, so he not only let me find my way back to HIM, (Myself, in my soul) but because I had come to this, I was able to look back, and see the saints and others. and THIS IS LIGHT ! to SEE Jesus Christ WAY !!!! to wholeness, Sanity.

    So, the Saints were not mentilly ill, if anything, if it was not for them, I would not be able to understand Jesus teachings, because they help us understand the mysteries in their many books they have left behind, but they also intercede from Heaven, and help us heal too.

    People that can’t see this is because they have not enter these doors, and have not experience this love. So they judge before they know.

    God bless you

    And God bless the SAINTS !!!!

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