Video – Fr Angelo Geiger – Standing Fast #19: The Dignity of Women

By December 13, 2007June 24th, 2008Fr. Angelo Geiger, Standing Fast
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Ave Maria!

In this episode of Standing Fast, Fr. Angelo takes on Ms. Rambo asking the question, "What has this woman, who looks like a starlet, but fights like an Amazon, got to do with the Dignity of Women?!!" Hear what he has to say ...

Ave Maria!


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  • Br. Tony says:

    My name is Anthony engo and i am 18 years of age and i just came right out of highschool I know what you mean there were alot of girls in my school that had no respect for them self. Well we can olny pray that the bad will not become the worse.

    AVE MARIA!!!

  • Jody says:

    Wonderful Fr. Angelo. I like the way that you point out that the ability of a woman to bear a child does NOT make her less dignified. Many young girls and women have no respect for themselves at all and this opens them up for abuse as well as many prospects for not being able to live out a chaste life until marriage. Keep it coming Father. That was a wonderful piece!

  • In The Kitchen says:

    Excellent talk, more women need to take the time to realize that being called “weaker” isn’t an insult or a negative comment at all. I like to think of being “weaker” than men in the way that fine china is “weaker” than everyday plateware. Feminist try so hard to empower women when at the end of the day they rob women of what means most to us, and leave us with nothing but a lack of virtue and selfcontrol. Under all their squabble and fancy dramatizing feminist cry out with only one voice and it is that of selfservice only. The real cry of the feminist agenda and the empowered woman is that of the lord of lies, “I will not serve.” Good Catholic women realize that Christ calls us all to a life of service, “If you want to be great than you have to be the servant of all.” Rather than complaining about being “weaker” why not find strength through that “weakness” in Him who makes us strong?

  • Fr Angelo says:

    Thanks all. Women can practice chivalry too by being themselves and expecting the highest standards of men. Nothing has more power and influence than that, but above all it requires chastity and modesty.

    Ms. Rambo is a beautiful killer, who protects herself by manipulating men with “protected” sex, and then maintaining her independence through abortion. I am not picking on her, Mr. Rambo is just as much a contributor to the equation. In the end, however, men are always the winners in this game. The Amazon myth does women no service.

  • Donna says:

    Women are weaker sex” in physical sense. There should be another term to use instead of the word “weak”.

    For small things, men cry easily than women. There are more suicide rate in men. I am not a feminist, but gosh, more men cry for their mommas when they’re sick or cling to their wives like sick puppies.

    Who stood last at the foot of the cross? Answer: two women and only one man! The apostles who were all men” ran away?!

  • Dianne says:

    I admire and depend on the strength I find in my husbsnd, and thank the Lord for making us to compliment each other.

  • Fr Angelo says:


    I have no real argument with you. Check my MaryVictrix post on Mother Teresa.

    Still, I think the characterization of women as the “fairer sex” and the “weaker sex” is attributed properly, not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual level as well. I think In The Kitchen is right: Women are like fine china. They are by nature the icons  of all that is true, good and beautiful, and this is particularly so in the case of the wonderful vulnerability that is a woman’s potential for motherhood. This is at the heart of human culture and must be protected at all costs.

  • Set All Afire says:

    As we all know in today’s world of pro-feminism, anti-masculine, culture of death the women is the one that suffers the greatest. The media portrays women like the troops of World War II trying to gain a foot hold in the beach, against the overly oppressive male. The only ones the media is oppressing by this portrayal are indeed the women. In the media the women is no longer kind, caring, or compassionate towards anyone, or anything. She is a cold blooded killer looking to annihilate this fiction of the man trying to take away something that isn’t even there. The women (in the media) are devoid of emotion, lacking all characteristics that make her a woman, the life bearer, the hearth of the home. The women is one that doesn’t have time for family, pregnancy, the ability to give life, and the ability to see passed her own self centeredness all for the greater glory to beat the evil male. The media also lack true gentlemen, the men that would hold open the door for her, the men that would sacrifice at work so the mother could stay home and raise children, the men that would go off and die for her (if need be) just so she could live in security of knowing that she is protected from the harsh cruelty of this world. This is all thrown aside in the gutter for the women to pick up and be raped of her true dignity. That is all that is going on in the media portrayal of women, they are being raped. Every thing is taken from them, their dignity, their love, their emotions, their kindness, their caring, their compassion are all being brutally taken away. Only it isn’t the big bad wolf (men) that are ransoming this, it is their own kind, the women.
    We need to look to Our lady for guidance, and inspiration. She was the one who birthed the Lord, allowed Him to begin His ministry, and suffered with Him on His cross. Women of today need to pray for Our Lady’s intercession in their lives so their men can carry their cross and to make a sacrifice to bring their entire family towards salvation, and not eternal damnation.

  • Patrick says:

    I agree with you 100%, but I think you may miss one point though. And that is that this movie was made for men and not really for women. So there is something that men see in a powerful women coming in with guns blazing, killing every bad thing in sight and saving the day.
    I cant help comparing this women in some ways to Mary. Not that she is anything like Mary in her actions and her behavior. And she certainly doesn’t capture the dignity of women like Mary does But I can’t help thinking about the power and beauty that Mary possesses and as men we desire that. Just think of the power of Mary. She has authority over animals and nature, she has authority over man, she even has authority over Satan and his armies.
    Who else but God has that much power, and she’s a woman. How bueatiful is that! But Mary is much different then these amazon women, shes doesn’t need to pull out a sword and start chopping heads off. She just comes softly into our midst and Satan has to leave. How great is that! But the greatest thing is that not only is it that we desire Mary, but she desires us.

  • Susan says:

    Father Angelo is pointing out something which should be obvious to us, but which, in our skewed world, is not. The power, which lies in the fact that women have the exclusive ability to bear children, eludes most of our population. If men had a proper regard for their potential counterparts, and lived their lives in a chivalrous manner, as Father suggests, women would feel the power of their own “fair-sex???. Then the feminist movement would have, at last, the influence it has been trying, but failing, to have on world culture, since it’s beginning.

    Girls, now, grow up in America feeling that they must have perfect bodies, which they must exhibit, in some provocative way, or they will not be considered adequate. They reach womanhood, hoping to have the physical (well, let’s call it what it is) sexual-power over men, so they will have the life they aspire to. As this becomes so, the true potential of motherhood is smothered by womankind itself. Females feel they must inhibit and control birth, so that they don’t lose their equality to men, their rightful place in society, or their due-respect, as professionals. Sadly, Fatherhood gets smothered as well.

    Psychologists and Sociologist might persuade that this trend has been developing over centuries, and is the result of eons of the unfair suppression of women by men. The violence toward, and subjugation of, the weaker sex, is age old, as we know. (Tom Cruise might say, that it’s the result of many millennia of trauma to women, from past lives as aliens, in other universes) But, make no mistake; if women are stifling their ability to conceive, whether it is because they fear male dominance, and violence, or because they fear they won’t be properly appreciated, the root of it is the same, sin.

    This may seem, to some, as though it’s coming from a jaded conservative. It is. I’m a Television Producer. My conservative view has come from years of being exposed to, and having to work, with television footage. My conversion has come from prayer. But to address the point here in….

    Let me tell you about one of the most romantic places I have ever been. It was the campus of Franciscan University, at Steubenville, Ohio. I was there, with Father Angelo, in fact, shooting video, and capturing interviews with students, on campus. I got the opportunity to stay in the women’s dorm, and talk to some of the most wonderful young ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Many were open about the fact that they were preserving their virginity, until marriage. I asked them how the “guys??? felt about this. They giggled, and said that the true majority of men on campus respected them for it. They went on to express the tremendous feeling of ease and comfort this brought them. They also spoke, giddily; about the men who were in the “MI??? (Militia Immaculata- dedicated to Our Lady). They spoke, excitedly, about being invited to the MI House, for recitation of the rosary. They all agreed (in hushed tones and awe) that the moment they found most touching, was when the men knelt, and put their hands over their hearts, as they came to the “Hail Holy Queen???.

    I asked about “dating???. (I’m an old married lady, so this is the term I know) This brought more giggling and blushing, then one brave soul said, “When a guy asks you for a date, it makes you very nervous.???

    I was perplexed, I asked, “Why???????

    “It’s because, you know…. if they are at the point that they’re asking you ‘out’, they’ve been praying about it.???

    In the time I spent there, I felt the joy of these young people, and a renewed sense of real romance. The women were happy to be “put on a pedestal???, so to speak, because they knew it was a pillar of respect. It didn’t make them feel “weaker???. It made them feel important. They were excited about the future, taking pleasure in the simplest things. In the evening, on campus, there were couples actually walking along misted paths, saying the rosary together. I found out that St. Valentine’s Day, there at Franciscan U, was anticipated, like no other. It was because, on this day, couples that were “courting??? announced plans to marry. And, it was added, that many who were discerning, announced their plans to enter religious life.

    When I got back to New York City, my own college memories seemed dull and grimy in comparison, and I wished I could do those days over. (Academics aside!) As I got back to my job, in mainstream media, screening footage of scantily clad women, shaking something called “booty???, I was saddened, and ashamed for my own sex. I thought, “If we’ve come so far in the women’s movement, why are modern women so desperate to become objects????

    Keep bringing it on, Father Angelo, there’s universal freedom for women and men who get the message.

  • Fr Angelo says:


    My commentary was not directed singly to the production of Kill Bill. I don’t watch TV or movies, but I do follow the cultural news, so I think I can say accurately that this type of production is typical, if not pervasive. It is indeed the new mythology of the culture of death.

    Regarding the strong woman Mary see my posts, here and here.

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