Video – Fr Maximilian – The Cornerstone #34: God’s Unchanging Plan

By December 2, 2007The Cornerstone
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Ave Maria!

"The overall 'Plan' [of God] is always the same, but [because of sin] the 'plan' changes."

How can God's plan for all creation be the same but not the same? This statement from the followers of Bl. Jon Duns Scotus seems to be a contradiction. In this episode of The Absolute Primacy of Christ, Fr. Maximilian unravels this mystery by using 2 diagrams from his book to illustrate how God's "Plan" with a large "P" - meaning the Absolute Predestination of Jesus and Mary - was always the same, but His "plan" with a small "p" was altered, or changed, because of Adam's sin.

Ave Maria!