Nov 22 – Fr. Bonaventure: True and False Religion

By November 22, 2007Fr. Bonaventure, Homily
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Ave Maria!
As Jesus drew near Jerusalem,
he saw the city and wept over it, saying,
??If this day you only knew what makes for peace??
but now it is hidden from your eyes.

In today's Gospel Christ prophesies the destruction of Jerusalem which was fulfilled in 70 A.D.?Listen as Fr. Bonaventure links this to the first reading about Mattathias and his valiant resistance to a false ecumenism of the Greeks.

Ave Maria!

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  • James Brady says:

    Fr. Bonaventure’s homily certainly cuts to the quick! We need more homilies like this!

    I have a question for the good father or anyone else. I have a family of eleven children, in a diocese that has done exactly what Fr. Bonaventure mentions as a false ecumenism. Due to poor catechesis and other unsavory anti-Christian practices, we had to change parishes to find the best possible in our area. Our children are catechized at home through the Baltimore Catechism as well as other solid Orthodox sources. Yet, their contemporaries are sufficiently “protestantized” to the point they resemble the rest of the world. In fact, the protestants look pretty good to them and seem to have their hooks in my third son, who is a senior this year. As an example in this week’s diocesan newspaper, there was a lengthly article on a couple who called NFP “birth control”!

    I already know the answer but, are there any practical ways on how can we change this decaying diocese?

    God’s Blessing to all

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