Nov 18 – Fr. Bonaventure Maria: The Evils of Our Times

By November 19, 2007October 27th, 2011Fr. Bonaventure, Homily, Special Event
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Ave Maria!

A fiery Sunday homily by Fr. Bonaventure.

Starting with the Sunday Gospel from Luke, which mentions persecutions in the future, Fr. Bonaventure launches into a critique of modern culture, the culture of death, and underscores that this very culture could lead to a severe persecution and even an end to our noble civilization. He further points out that to whatever extent we have authority to influence the culture we must resist this slide into decadence or be held accountable. Listen to this impassioned plea for sanity. Preach it Father!

Ave Maria!

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  • Roy and Robin says:

    Thank you, Father Bonaventure, for our regular “shot in the arm.” Awesome homily — our spiritual nourishment before we set foot back in the world (but not “of” it!)

  • Ave Maria says:

    Keep it coming; we are not hearing this in our parishes.

    We must be like Eleazar in the book of Maccabees whom we read about today in the first reading. We must be prepared. It seems that mostly the lay ‘visionaries’ are the only ones who have been crying ‘Wolf!’ and that has been going on a long while such that even that cry is not eliciting much response.

    We as Catholics in this country as a whole have been dumbed down for almost 40 years and the Truths of the faith are no longer recognizeable to many. Leadership has been compromising. So many have left the faith!

    Yes, it is imperative that we be prepared to give the good example and speak the Truth even as the cost gets higher.

    Ave Marai!

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