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News – Abp. Burke on “womanpriests”

By November 14, 2007March 2nd, 2019News

Ave Maria!

Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis writes a response at the website of the Archdiocese of St. Louis to the attempted ordination of two woman to the Roman Catholic priesthood by another woman who claims to be a Roman Catholic Bishop. He wrote it before the attempted ordinations in an attempt to provide the necessary clarity on Church teaching in this matter to dissuade those involved and help minimize the doctrinal confusion to the faithful that such an event would cause.

Unfortunately, the event took place as planned on Sunday, Nov 11. Much need for prayer for the conversion of the perpetrators and accomplices and for the continued heroic example of Archbishop Burke.

Ave Maria!



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  • sonopa says:

    About time the bishops are speaking out…..

    Speaking of men and men like behaviors, hopefully more of them will follow Bishop Burke’s example.

  • Corinn says:

    Way to go Bishop Burke– Once again he is leading the flock. The most hurftul aspect of the whole idea that women should be priests is that it denegrates the role that women play as sisters. We need sisters just as much as we need priests and they are equally important to the well being of the church, and to promote the idea that a woman should even desire to be a priest is demeaning to the important roles that women do play in the church. This is the worst kind of attack on Holy Mother Church, an attack from within. This is why we need to pray for vocations, both for young men to listen to their call to become priests and for our young women to beocme sisters and for the rest of us to support them and pray for them.

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