Video – Fr Maximilian – The Cornerstone #32: Mary our Mediatrix

By November 10, 2007January 12th, 2012Fr. Maximilian Dean, The Cornerstone

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Ave Maria!

"After God there is Jesus, after Jesus, there is the Blessed Virgin Mary." There is nothing heretical in such a statement as long as it is understood properly, and the glory of the BVM has been an underlying theme of this series.

Christ is the Head of His Body, the Church, and we can say that in a special way Mary would be the "neck" of the Body. "She is the Mediatrix between us and the Mediator (Christ) by Divine decree."

Listen now to Father's prayerful, meditative instruction as he further develops the theme of grace, it's nature, and how it comes to us through the hands of Mary.

Ave Maria!

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