Video – Friar Joseph – No Apologies #23: Intelligent Design

By November 6, 2007June 21st, 2008Fra Joseph Mary, No Apologies
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Ave Maria!

Because a watch is made up of so many complex parts that are all fitted together so perfectly in order to keep the time, no-one in their right mind would ever think that it came into existence purely by chance . It is quite obvious that someone intelligent must have designed it. The same is true with the universe. Find out why all creation points to an Intelligent Designer.

Ave Maria!

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  • Mark says:

    Brilliant, simply brilliant. The more complex the system the higher the intelligence needed to create such a thing. We learned that very thing in Engineering yet I still had teachers and students who would argue the reverse. For some, once the level of complexity went beyond what they could understand, their logic went with it and the illogic of randomness would take over.

    Ave Maria

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