Video – Fr. Angelo – Standing Fast #15: Templar Baloney

By November 4, 2007April 9th, 2019Fr. Angelo Geiger, News, Standing Fast
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Ave Maria!

Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger returns to his regular postings of Standing Fast after a small hiatus due to numerous other commitments such as the Fall Encampment and Doug Barry Boot Camp at the friary in CT, the Coredemption Conference in Indiana, and getting involved in the fray over the Plan B controversy in CT.

The inspiration for this entry is a post he made on MaryVictrix. The popular notion of the Knights Templar is imbued with the mystique of hidden secrets and grand conspiracy. And while the Vatican has released a document that pretty much absolve the order of the many accusations made against them, modern conspiracy theorists still hang on to their pet fantasies. The real virtues of the Knights Templar are far more simple, and much more profound.

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  • Paul Xavier says:

    Ave Maria!

    You’ve forgotten to add the caption for the video and the running time!
    “Standing Fast #15 – Type the Caption here (00min) >>> Play”

    Ave Maria,

  • Jennifer Arel says:

    We’re so glad you’re back! Even though I’m not a man, I find these discussions of yours very instructional and enjoy trying to pass them along to others … I can always get my husband and son to listen which is a GOOD thing. I think women in our society, although some would never admit it, are ready to welcome *genuine* chivalry. They don’t want to be put down, belittled or humiliated which was probably something that happened in generations past, but if they are treated with true respect and kindness, I believe the time has come to start seeing men be the confident leaders they were called to be. I believe women are ready to see men stay committed to their families and act sacrificially on their behalf. What woman wouldn’t want this??

    I wonder if EWTN would ever broadcast some of these. I think families are silently screaming for this information.

    Thank you for your gift, Fr. Angelo, of making difficult topics seem so crystal clear. It truly is a gift.

  • apostolate says:

    Ave Maria!

    Thanks Paul, our Vlogmaster is on retreat so his bumbling assistant is trying to keep up the pace.

    Ave Maria!

  • Fr Angelo says:


    Thank you for the encouragement. I will be doing posts for you ladies as well. Chivalry is for you too. It is feminine virtue and dignity which demands higher standards from men. Without the humanizing effect of true feminine virtue, men will never be chivalrous. One of my next posts on MaryVictrix will be entitled: Damsels in Distress. Watch for it.

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