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Ave Maria!

Fr. Peter Fehlner speaks at Steubenville University in 2007, at the invitation of Dr. Scott Hahn. The talk is on his book St. Maximilian Kolbe: Martyr of Charity - Pneumatolgist where he outlines the teaching of St. Maximilian on the the Holy Spirit and His relation to the Immaculate Conception. He covers St. Maximilian's methodology, his teaching on the Holy Spirit, how it can resolve, revive and update theology on a sound basis and some of the objections raised against this Saint. He gives a brief discussion on the three titles of Mary, Complement of the Trinity, Spouse of the Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Conception, and how these titles apply to the Holy Spirit and Our Lady. The talk is followed by a question and answer session. Come listen to this fascinating talk on this sublime subject.

Notes are available:

Fr. Peter's books:

St. Maximilian Kolbe: Martyr of Charity - Pneumatolgist -

Roman Conferences of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe:

The Triple Way:

Other Books Mentioned in the Talk:

Virgo Ecclesia Facta - The Virgin Made Church:

Dr. Mark Miravalle's article "Coredemptrix and Immaculate Conception":

Also on YouTube:

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  • Susan says:

    Ave Maria!

    Well, having gotten all the way through Fr. Peter’s talk, I must send my thanks that I have the notes, and video, to ponder… for, hopefully, the next 50 years, or so….(for this feable brain, at least).

    For the immediate future, it seems wise to follow Father’s instructions about pursuing The Holy Spirit, with Our Lady’s help…on our knees! He makes it plain that without her, we are not able to enter into true Mystical Communion with the Triune God. If done so, humbly, one’s heart will always confirm this…

    I thank God for Father Peter’s vocation, it enriches us all!

    Ave Maria!

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