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By October 14, 2007Fi News

Well the big day is over. We finished the conference at about 9pm right on schedule. In fact, the whole day went according to schedule. We had 1100 attendees. All the speakers arrived on time. Most were able to stay all day. The streaming worked pretty well. Although we had a computer crash in the middle of Scott Hahn’s talk. Of course, these things always happen for our most popular speaker. The speakers held their audience’s attention through-out the conference. It seemed Our Lady was present giving the speakers an extraordinary inspiration and the ears and?hearts of the attendees were?given extra graces to receive.?Many of the speakers who have been to many such conferences said this was one of best run. Many thanks to all who helped.

The parish had their vigil mass at 9pm just as we finished and so we had to wait till 10pm to start packing-up. It took two days to set up so it was not till 1am in the?morning that we finished and we did not get back to our friary in Bloomington until 2am.

We are now traveling to Carmel, Indiana for the last concert of Fr. Maximilian Dean.

Tomorrow most of the friars in our traveling road show will go back to Griswold, CT. Two of us, Fra Augustine and Myself will travel to La Crosse, Wisconsin to do an interview at the beautiful Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe being built there which we will staff starting next summer. On the way back we will get a few more interviews.

Then we will have to sort out the large amount of equipment that we brought on the road with us and start producing videos and DVDs of the conference. The first thing we will get up is the video of the live stream that we captured as we streamed it.

Ah we just arrived at Our Lady of Carmel. No rest for the weary. Glory be to God.

Ave Maria!

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  • Olivia says:

    what about taking over the shrine where Our Lady of America gave her messages in 1956? Rome City, IN? They need the pastoral services of good Marian priests there in a bad way.

    Our Lady is definnitely there. Have the FI considered this place for service?

  • Steve says:

    What a joy to have the roving reporting! It’s like being there with you guys. I access your web-site everyday. I love you all. Keep up the tremendous work and I can’t wait until the DVD / videos become available. Will you be letting us know how to purchase them?
    Ave Maria…. Steve

  • Emily says:

    My husband went to the conference in Greenwood but I could not attend. How may we obtain a DVD or audio CD of the conference?

  • Fra Augustine says:

    Ave Maria!

    Dear Emily & Steve
    The DVD set, CD set, and Book of the Acts of the Conference will be available as soon as we can produce them. Don’t hold your breath though! We have over 48hrs of video footage to edit and the Acts of the Conference will have to be transcribed from the audio master tape – any volunteers?

    We will be advertising on Airmaria (as well as MaryMediatrix) when the various items will be available – as well as emailing the list of attendees and those at the conference who filled out a pre-order form.

    Yours in the Two Heats

    fra Augustine F.I.

    PS. We will be making available the MP3 audio files for download soon, we hope, and I’ll try to get some snippets up on AirMaria as well.

    Ave Maria!

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