Video – No Apologies #22: “Uncreated Being”

By October 1, 2007June 21st, 2008Fra Joseph Mary, No Apologies
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Ave Maria!

In this argument for the existence of God we look at creation and ask "Where did the very first thing come from?"? Since it's impossible for anything to create itself out of nothing, there must be someone outside of the nothing to bring it into existence: God.

Ave Maria!

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  • Nancy Lanham says:

    Ave Maria, Friar Jospeh, I agree but my uncle says that there is no such thing as beginning and that all things always existed. Time just always existed. What do I say to my uncle? Charlie Lanham

  • Roy and Robin says:


    Not wanting to speak for Fra Joseph, I make an attempt at a reply:

    Speaking like your uncle is just a cop out. Time and space is a continuum – who made time and space!

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