Sept 25 – Fr Angelo Geiger – Hear the Word of God and Keep It

By September 25, 2007Fr. Angelo Geiger, Homily
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Ave Maria!

Today's Gospel?is an exhortation from Our Lord to us. An exhortation that we should be like his mother.

Our protestant brothers and sisters will tell us that this is one of those passages that sort of brushes Our Lady off to the side.

??Your mother and your brothers are standing outside and wish to come see you.?? Our Lord is told,and he says in reply "My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and keep it.??

Ave Maria!

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  • Marie W says:

    May the wisdom of AirMaria set all things to right for our Protestant brothers and sisters. I was one of those ignorant souls, until I began reading about Jesus’ Holy Mother. I am so glad heavenly relationships won’t be anything like earthly ones. Love will have no boundaries!! AVE MARIA

  • Lori Mitchell says:

    This is a wonderful website – Loved seeing Our Lady of America video in NJ.

    I do have a question – is your order different from, or the same as the Fransican Friars for Renewal? I have met some of the Renewal Friars through Youth 2000. and I specifically talked to one that reminds me very much of Fra Angelo Geiger. I was just wondering if you all are one and the same.

    Keep up the wonderful work and pray for my son. I always thought he was meant to be a “monk” or friar. He now HATES the Church and has left it and finally married a woman that he lived with for several years. I still feel he is being called to such a vocation and I know that, if he would open his heart, he would find it. He still knows how to live very austerely and works with his hands (an artist). If enough prayers are said for him, perhaps his stoney heart will break open and flower before Our Lord, through the graces of Our Blessed Mother.

    God Bless!

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