Sept 20 – When we Belong to Mary, Jesus Accepts Everything

“If we belong to the Immaculate, then everything that is ours belongs to Her and Jesus accepts everything that comes from us as if it came from Her, as if it belonged to Her? In this case, She cannot leave those actions imperfect, but She renders them worthy of Herself, that is Immaculate, without the slightest stain.” (SK #1301)

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  • Deacon John says:

    “She renders them worthy of Herself . . . without the slightest stain.”
    I never looked at it that way. This is really deep! Now when I pray or do a good work, no matter how poor my prayers or works are, I know Our Lady will adjust them as if She was offering them Herself. And I’m sure She is because since I made the “Total Consecration” many years ago, I always offer everything to and through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, keeping nothing for myself!
    Deacon John Giglio

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