Sept 16 – Fr. Michael Gauvreau, F.I. – Suffering in the World

By September 16, 2007October 27th, 2011Fr. Michael Gauvreau, Homily
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Ave Maria!

Fr. Michael links??today's Gospel with the question of evil and our own sins.

There are many mysteries we will never completely grasp or understand in our lifetime. Most of the time people have a problem with a certain mystery that they can not solve, the suffering in the world. Usually this problem with suffering or as we can call it, evil in the world, is put with a question of how can there be an all powerful, all good, and all knowledgeable God and still have suffering?


Ave Maria!


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  • Maureen Craig says:

    Fr. Michael That was expressed very beautifully and with great understanding of the great suffering in the world today and how we all suffer in our sinfulness. With the promise of forgiveness and unconditional love in repentance , Our Father in heaven our Creator will bring us to everlasting eternity. Thank you and God Bless
    Aunt Maureen

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