Video – Fr Maximilian – The Cornerstone #23: Colossians 1:15b

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Ave Maria!

"He is... the firstborn of all creatures." In reference to the Word-made-flesh St. Paul speaks of Christ as the "firstborn of all creatures" (Col 1:15) & "firstborn of many brethren" (Rm 8:29). To be the firstborn presupposes that He shares the same nature (created, human--hence the Word Incarnate); but how can the Incarnate Word be the firstborn since He is not chronologically the first creature or man born? St. Paul is speaking about God's eternal design before the heavens and the earth were made! Jesus Christ is, from all eternity, foreseen FIRST, before all creation (and thus before foreseen sin). This is why he is called "the Alpha... the Beginning..." (Apoc 21:6). In God's intention and eternal purpose, Jesus has absolute pre-eminence because He is first in God's plan, the first predestined.

Ave Maria!

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