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Ave Maria!

Referring to a Washington Post article from the Religious News Service called Papal Mystery: Is Benedict Downplaying Vatican II by Decrees? which Fr. Fessio finds is the best summary of the objections to the Motu Proprio as expressed by two Catholic priests:

1. Rev. James F. Puglisi from the Center for Union in Rome who says:
... the Good Friday liturgy in the Tridentine Missal contains a prayer for the conversion of the Jews that refers to their "blindness" and the "veil [on] their hearts."

and thus undoing the more conciliatory phrasing of the new liturgy and so undoing Vatican II

But Fr. Fessio says that the reference to the Jews is in the Gospel not just the Council of Trent and it also in the Vatican II documents but expressed in different terms. And to want to convert someone to your religion is to love that person.

2. Rev. William Henn from Pontifical Gregorian University says that stressing an interpretation in Continuity with past Councils would be to say there is nothing new in Vatican II.

To this Fr. Fessio responds, Vatican II is in continuity with past councils but is new in that it clarifies things in the light of current concerns.

He further clarifies the recent document on ecumenism by quoting the Vatican document Unitatis Redintegratio that shows that what the Congregation of the Doctrine and Faith wrote under the direction of Pope Benedict is in full agreement with Vatican II and he is just dispelling confusion and misinformation regarding the Council.

Come listen to this very informative video.

Ave Maria!

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