Video – FI News – Br. Francis Kalvelage: On His Book Marian Shrines of Italy

By August 17, 2007January 29th, 2012Fi News, Saints
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Ave Maria!

The late Br. Francis and host Kaye Drohan on the Fatima Today show talk about his book the Marian Shrines of Italy. Not only will you learn many things about the shrines of Italy but you will see Br. Francis's zeal for Our Lady and his warm personality that will be missed so much. Farewell good brother.

Ave Maria!

Also see the video of Br. Francis on his book Padre Pio the Wonder Worker


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  • Anthony Pasquale says:

    Ave Maria dear brothers in Jesus and Mary, you have done a wonderful thing in presenting the Br. Francis Mary Kalvelage video interview. It was so good to see him looking like himself! By the way, and just for your future reference, Br. Francis was a pretty hotshot pilot during the war, and his “conversion experience” during the war was not due to a “loop de loop” as the article on him says, but an Immelman maneuver (which he had done times before) but that one time he forgot or did not take into consideration (he was flying on reconassaince with his buddy over the vast Pacific) that he had attached an extra fuel tank, which gravely shifted the weight of his Hellcat, causing him to end in an inverted spin with him hanging finally out the window still desperately tring to save his plane, which he was told not to lose, because it cost $25,000 dollars!!! Alot of money. But then he finally had to let go and ended up in the vast Pacific with his buddy circling overhead and calling for his rescue. This he told me once while we were flying to the Marian Library at Dayton to do research for his book on the Marian Shrines of Portugal. God bless you. In the Immaculata