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Our Lady of America Gets Positive Press from CNS

By August 15, 2007March 1st, 2019Fr. Angelo Geiger, News
Fr Angelo

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I am Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate, and a priest for more than twenty years. I am now studying in Rome for my licentiate in Theology.

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  • Joyce says:

    Her dress looks like something from a wedding out of the 1950’s. Not at all like any of the other images of the Blessed Mother I’ve seen. I personally don’t like this image of her. If she is representing America she looks like she is a real American, “A Material Girl”.

  • Joyce says:

    Also, do those points on her head represent 7 points of light or could a crown get any bigger? Is that suppose to symbolize her intellect being bigger and superior than anyone on earth including Jesus?

  • Nancy F. says:

    I think she is beautiful. The image reminds me of Revelation 12:1, “A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” Her purity is magnified.

  • Joyce,

    Is your problem with the image of Our Lady of America or with Catholic belief in Our Lady in general? I am just asking. It seems there might be more that lies beneath the sarcasm of your “Material Girl” comment and your second post.

  • Corinn says:

    Oh, she is so beautiful. She is the hope of our nation. It’s been over 50 years, it’s about time we hear about her. Our Lady of America, pray for us.
    Thank you for sharing this information with all of us.

  • Rachel says:


    I happen to agree with the others that she is beautiful. I especially like the light around Her body. And the heart in the center of Her chest reminds me of the Sacred Heart. It’s probably the artists first rendition that you don’t like and maybe over time she will be repainted like the image of Divine Mercy was. St. Faustina cried when she saw the first image of Jesus. Try to look behind the actual artist’s rendition of this image and see what lies underneath in the message she represents. Over time other renditions will appear. Case in point, look at how many images there are of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I’m sure it’s a difficult task for an artist to try and put to paper such heavenly things!

  • Set All Afire says:

    Please do not consider this as a personal attack, please don’t talk about “Our??? mother in such a way. You have your own personal free will to say what you want, however to insinuate that Our Lady is dressed as a “material girl???, just simply because she represents America is not only wrong, but morally reprehensible. Our Lady clothed in white is symbolic of the purity of Our Lady and, of the human soul untouched by the stain of sin. She is representing what the truly Catholic Americans are supposed to aspire too. We as Catholics are called by God to live morally pure, and humble lifestyles. Through the intersection of Our Lady, we are given grace from God to live our lives in a manner that would not only please God, but please Our Mother. So it only makes sense that in a country blackened by “materialistic??? sins, that Our Lady be clothed in white, in an effort to save our souls.

  • Luis says:

    Our Lady of America should possess all the Christian ideals this nation needs to become obedient children of God. Catholicism in the U.S. is growing and what a gift to have our Blessed Mother show her radiant love through this beautiful image. Does anyone have the details of the revelations? Is this image the artistic rendering of descriptions given by Sr. Ephrem? TOTA PULCHRA EST O MARIA !

  • Luis,

    Here are the revelations, and yes the image is based on the description of Sr. Ephrem.