Video – Fr. Angelo – Standing Fast #12: Imitating Christ the King

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Ave Maria!

In this episode of Standing Fast Fr. Angelo explains the need for men to imitate Christ the King by making use of the graces given at baptism to be Priests, Prophets and Kings. He says both men and women get these graces but men especially have the duty to be good, saintly kings in their families and society. So all you men out there, put down the Bud and the potato chips, grab your scepter and crown, and listen-up!

Ave Maria!


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  • Chuck G. says:

    Excellent talk on the kingship of men in their families. This of course must apply to single men, especially those who live consecrated lives… and perhaps this could be spoken of in the future. Thank you for this wonderful website.

  • Single men. I hear you. Thanks.