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Men of Honor: Masculinity and the Faith

MaryVictrix on Men:

Have you ever noticed the relative proportion of men to women in most Catholic Church congregations, societies, and apostolic movements? Men are not only outnumbered by women, but their relative absence is quite remarkable. There are any number of reasons suggested by social scientists, and Catholic thinkers for this fact. But the one that speaks to the real differences between men and women is that so much of what is available on the Catholic menu is contemplative and charismatic, and so little of it is missionary, evangelical and directly involved in Catholic action.

When will Catholic men, as a body, put prayer first and then translate that prayer into a program of action to reclaim society for Christ?

Fr Angelo

Author Fr Angelo

I am Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate, and a priest for more than twenty years. I am now studying in Rome for my licentiate in Theology.

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