Video – Fr. Angelo – Standing Fast #10: Chivalry, What It Is

By July 25, 2007June 21st, 2008Fr. Angelo Geiger, Standing Fast
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Ave Maria!

In this tenth episode of Standing Fast, Father Angelo talks about the importance and the meaning of Chivalry, how it is a mainly common sense, and its importance for fatherhood. Fr. Angelo explains the origin of chivalry, and gives a stirring call for men to once again take up its banner.

Ave Maria!

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  • Set all Afire says:

    In today’s society where the Liberal’s are trying, and succeeding, to de-masculinize our men and young boys, it is a breathe of fresh air to have a voice that we men can turn to. True chivalry requires men, and boys to respect the true feminine. That is a woman who displays Marian qualities in every aspect of her life. My wife, through the grace of God, succeeds in emulating Our Lady. It is my duty, and honor to be the “knight in shining armor???, for my wife, and my family. I try, with the grace of God, to emulate Saint Joseph in my words deeds and actions. I find myself reflecting, on what would St. Joseph do if he were in my position. Would he yell, loose his temper; withdraw from his family into his den. Or would he foster true love, and true Marian chivalry with the most Holy Family. I know he would to the latter. Even though the world is trying to destroy masculine family values, I will not give up the fight. This poison will not enter my doors. My sons will carry on the duty and honor of being truly chivalrous, not only being Knights for their family, they will be Knights for Our Lady. Who better to defend, then the mother of God, when she is trampled in society. Ave Maria.

  • Susan says:

    Ave Maria!

    Please keep them coming Father Angelo. You always hit the mark. Thank God for the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate….modern knights, please defend our families.

    Chivalry is not dead, it can be found alive and well, and always on!

    Ave Maria!

  • Brother of Good Counsel says:

    Thanks for the post “set all afire”. Satan has done a good job in turning our men away from masculinity and our women away from femininity. (Note: The term “feminism” is a misnomer. It’s actually “masculinism” that feminists embrace.) The devil continues to try to undo the created order, but you and your family’s example will be a light to many.