Video – Fr Maximilian – The Cornerstone #16: The Absolute Predestination of Christ

By July 14, 2007January 12th, 2012Fr. Maximilian Dean, The Cornerstone

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Maximilian shows how Scotus, in contrast with the opinion of St. Thomas Aquinas, held that the predestination of Christ was absolute, sin or no sin. To say, with Aquinas, that the primary motive of the Incarnation was redemption from sin is to say that the Word-made-flesh was occasioned by sin; this makes the primacy of Christ relative to sin--"No sin, no Incarnation"--this is the Thomistic school. To the contrary, Bl. John writes: "If the fall were the reason for Christ's predestination it would follow that the greatest work of God [the Incarnation] was occasioned." For him this was "absurd". Rather, Bl. John finds the primary motive of the Incarnation in something prior to foreseen sin and holds that sin or no sin, the Word would have become flesh.


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