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Video – Fr. Elias Mary – Clearing the Air: YouTube Blasphemy

By June 26, 2007September 3rd, 2007Clearing the Air, Fr. Elias Mills
Clearing the Air #6 – Fr. Elias speaks against the Blasphemy Challenge >>> Play

Ave Maria!

This week Fr. Elias takes-on Christopher Hitchins, the one who tried unsuccessfully to ruin the reputation of Mother Theresa of Calcutta and who is now trying to ruin God’s. Good luck! He and his cohorts on the “Rational Response Team?? have become quite fashionable on YouTube with their “blasphemy challenge.?? But Fr. Elias points out that “The fool has said in his heart there is no God?? Psalm 14; for to say there is no God goes against reason because the existence of God is not a theological but a rational and philosophical truth as Vatican I Council states. Watch this video as Fr. Elias explains the try nature of blasphemy and how it does not lead to “freedom from the tyranny of theism?? but rather to enslavement to a darkened intellect and heart.

Ave Maria!


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  • Dom. Dimlume says:

    Nice rply Fr Elias, but is it my imagination or are you speaking without moving your lips? ( i think your dubbing speed is a little out, Sorry to pick up such an unimportant fact) May God continue to Bless your endeavours

  • Fra Roderic says:

    Ave Maria!

    Thanks for the feedback – and yes, it was out of synch. We shot the show in Indiana, edited it over the internet, and then we just had to get the show up – despite the fact that it was out of synch. We’ll try not to let it happen again.

    Ave Maria!

  • Br Thomas says:

    Fr Elias,

    I hope to see more and more very soon.