Video – Fr. Maximilian – The Cornerstone #11: Get Your Priorities Straight!

By June 9, 2007January 12th, 2012Fr. Maximilian Dean, The Cornerstone

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Ave Maria!

One of the chief objections of the Thomists to the Franciscan thesis is that "God is outside of time and foresaw sin". Watch this episode as Fr. Maximilian Mary shows how both St. Thomas Aquinas and Bl. John Duns Scotus agree that God is outside of time and therefore foresaw sin before creating. However, where they differ is in reference to what God's priorities were in creating the universe. For Scotus, the primacy in the divine, eternal plan is with Christ--the Incarnation has the first priority (sin or no sin); then God predestines men and angels to grace and glory in Christ; then foreseeing man's sin He wills Christ to remedy man's woe through the Redemption [all of this prioritizing is outside of time-before creating]. For Aquinas, the divine plan begins with angels and men; then He foresees man's fall; then He wills the Incarnation primarily as a remedy for sin [all of this is outside of time as well]. Both Scotus and Aquinas indicate a priority in God's plan which is outside of time, before the creation of the universe.

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