Video – Fr. Joachim Mudd – Homily: The Perfection and Generosity of God

By May 29, 2007October 27th, 2011Fr. Joachim, Homily
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Ave Maria!

In his brief homily, Fr. Joachim reflects on today's reading from the book of Sirach: ??For the LORD is one who always repays, and he will give back to you sevenfold.?? Fr. notes that in the Jewish mentality, seven was the number of perfection. What could be more perfect than God's generosity towards His creation? Though we may not see or always experience His generosity, everything that God places in our path is intended for our eternal good and our eternal glory - God's glory and mine - if we trust Him and entrust ourselves to Mary Immaculate, our New Eve and Mother. If it weren't for trials, what would become of our prayer life?

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Ave Maria!

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