Video – Fr. Joachim – Homily: St. Margaret of Cortona

By May 16, 2007September 30th, 2022Fr. Joachim, Homily
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Ave Maria!
"They were stirring times in Tuscany when Margaret was born. They were the days of Manfred and Conradin, of the Guelphs and Ghibellines in Italy, when passions of every kind ran high, and men lived at great extremes. They were times of great sinners, but also of great saints; Margaret lived to hear of the crowning and resignation of St. Celestine V, whose life and death are a vivid commentary on the spirits that raged throughout that generation. It was the age of St. Thomas in Paris, of Dante in Florence; of Cimabue and Giotto; of the great cathedrals and universities."

Click here to read more of St. Margaret's life, and listen to today's homily by Fr. Joachim on this saint, known as the Magdalene of the Franciscan Order.

Ave Maria!

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