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The Truth About Homosexuality

By May 1, 2007January 13th, 2012News

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Is homosexuality genetic or a choice? Can homosexual attractions be “changed”/”healed”?

I found an interesting exerpt from a book published by Ignatius Press on this subject. The exerpt is a bit long but certainly worth reading, considering the media’s big push to normalize & misinform the public regarding homosexuality. The book was written by a priest who apparently works as a counsellor (Fr. John Harvey) & has dealt with many people who struggle with same-sex attraction. Here’s a short piece from the exerpt:

“The most common conflicts at different life stages that predispose individuals to homosexual attractions and behavior are loneliness and sadness, mistrust and fear, profound feelings of inadequacy and a lack of self-acceptance, narcissism, excessive anger, sexual abuse in childhood and a lack of balance in one’s life coupled with overwhelming feelings of responsibility. During times of stress these inner difficulties are activated. In an attempt to seek relief or to escape from this unconscious emotional pain, strong sexual temptations and behavior can occur.”

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  • Tony Rocha says:

    Several questions that remain unanswered for homosexuality are. If its genetic ( there has been no proof of this) it cannot be passed on because by the act there is no reproduction.
    If a man with no homosexual tendencies goes to prison. Is there for a while and comes out with the desire, how does that happen if there was no desire before?
    Many who are for the lifestyle say that it is not a choice. Say for a minute that it is. How would it look different than it already is? What would be different in the actions of a man who is married and chooses to cheat on his wife?
    wouldn’t suprise me if they do name a gene that causese tendencies toward homosexuality. They found one that causes road rage.
    anything in the name of pushing responsibility for one’s actions to the side.

  • Steve says:

    Doesn’t it also stand to reason that if homosexuality is genetic then it should have been naturally selected off the planet some centuries ago? And shouldn’t we now expect homosexuality to virtually disappear within a generation or two, especially since homosexuals are now encouraged to openly live the gay lifestyle instead of living in closeted, pseudo-heterosexual relationships? How will homosexuals continue to pass the “gay gene”?

    I may be oversimplifying a bit, but the rather obvious conclusion seems to indicate that homosexuality is not randomly passed through heterosexual parents.

  • Patrick Skinner says:

    We can certainly rule out the “gay gene” theory that some would like us to believe. But we must remember those that struggle with this problem with compassion and not judge. I imagine that there are many homosexuals that wish they could just snap there fingers and make the problem go away. And that many of them truly dont want to live the homosexual lifestyle.

    The whole homosexual issue truly shows us how intertwined our bodies and souls are. If our soul is ill, than we can bet that our body will also be ill. Homosexual tendencies cannot be passed down physically, but it certainly can be passed or received spiritually, which to those who have the problem it would probably feel worse and be tougher to deal with than if it was just a physical problem.

    Sin is the real culprit here, I suppose, it opens a channel for Satan and his demons to attack those unlucky ones who get to deal with this problem. And our modern society loves Sin, especially sexual sin. So we could assume that the problem of homosexuality will only get worse as our sinfulness gets greater. Because the more we turn from God, the better darkness looks to us and the more perverse we become.

    Pray, be compassionate and humble, never judge anyone. But speak the truth always! Thats what Jesus calls us to do.

  • Lynn Reed says:

    God would not create humans with homosexuality and then say it’s a sin for a man to lay with another man or a women to lay with another women.
    God does not create evil, he only creates beauty. Again, Satan has his hands in this like everything else. I have a sister who is gay and I have told her the same thing when she told me that God made her this way.
    I love her dearly, she is kind hearted and a very loving and dear sister but I do not except her ways. I pray for her daily. I do believe that is something that happens early on in an abnormal childhood.

  • David says:

    good insight Patrick…I think also that our over-the-top sexual culture which lauds contraceptive use, multiple sexual partners, & other sexually deviant behavior adds fuel to the fire in normalizing the homosexual act.

  • Brother of Good Counsel says:

    Ave Maria! Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments. I was the one who posted the link as a “contributor” to Airmaria. I thought it would be good for us (Catholics & all people of good will) to get some insight regarding this hot & sensitive topic. We must condemn the sin, but I think it’s equally important to understand the sinner who commits the sin. It helps us to have compassion, not hatred, for them…and even to offer them some insight & hope (according to their receptivity).

    Anecdotally, I know about half-a-dozen men who identify themselves as homosexual, & from what I gathered from the ones I talked with, all of them had fathers who were emotionally distant or absent.

    I agree with basically everything that’s been posted, esp. with Patrick: sexual sin is our culture’s favorite sin, & broken families & broken relationships are certainly the seeds of pain, mistrust, & a turning toward the homosexual lifestyle. I expect homosexuality to become even more “normalized” because of our abnormal & immoral sexual behaviors…not to mention what they’re preaching to our children in the public schools, strating in grade K.

    If any of you know of websites that specialize in helping homosexuals heal from their past (esp. Catholic websites), please feel free to give us a link here in this post.

  • Chad says:

    I think all homosexuality extends from sexual abuse and psychological abuse. I think those who accept there homosexual behaviour and live it out pubilically have given up the fight. They have resigned there hope in a life that is not tainted by the abuse they have experienced. It is their attempt to mend the wounds they have suffered. There last effort to achieve some kind of peace in life. My heart goes out to indviduals who suffer from this because it is a battle for life that many people do not understand. People are quick to judge and condem, which is the absoulute opposite of what Jesus taught. God himself is just and would have every right to condem all of us but through his mercy we have hope. So, in that we should always show mercy and realize that we do not know everything, especially that of which a person struggels against regarding homosexuality. Wounds like this are so deep that it permently wounds the heart and soul. The only way to heal these wounds is through Jesus Christ. However, these wounds can remain for a lifetime. So, when you come accross a person who has homesexaulity tendicies, remember that their is a real struggle and it’s not by choice. It’s easy for us to feel self-rightouse and quickly judge. Afterall the root of all sin is pride. The best thing anyone can do is to pray for these people that Jesus will bring their souls to the fount of his mercy and grant them the grace to perservere through this suffering. Also, love them as you would love anyone else. All souls are precious to God.

  • Brother of Good Counsel says:

    Ave Maria, Chad!

    Based on what Fr. Harvey wrote (which is what I linked to), homosexual attractions are not exclusively the result of abuse, though abuse does play a role in some cases (how many I’m not sure). If you haven’t read the excerpt I linked to, I’d urge you to do so because it’s fairly detailed & quite insightful.

    I agree with your sentiments & you’re quite right to note that we ought not be self-righteous in our judgment of those who identify themselves as homosexuals, yet at the same time we mustn’t be naive or close our eyes to the damage that the whole homosexual movement is doing to our culture. In order to justify the homosexual lifestyle, their activists are relentlessly working to, for lack of a better word, “sexualize” & indoctrinate our children in the public schools from ages 4 or 5 & up.

    We must not condemn them as individuals, but we must condemn their actions & stand up for the truth.

    Thanks for your comments.