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Clearing the Air #4 – Fr. Elias Clears the Air on Hate Crimes >>> Play

Ave Maria!


Status of HR 1592 from Private Source

Status of HR 1592 from Goverment Source

Text of Bill HR 1592

Congressional Record April 26, Thursday

Original Post: Fr. Elias gives an emergency SOS for all those who care about the most cherished freedoms we have in America, Religious Liberties and Free Speech. The House of Representatives is voting on a bill this week that, if passed, will make it a crime to preach our religious convictions that homosexuality is disordered. This totalitarian measure challenges the very foundations of our republic and could spell the end to freedom of worship all because a very small group cannot tolerate any criticism.

We must pray to God that this bill does not pass and we must take action to protect our rights on this issue. Please take some time to contact your legislature by going to:

Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us!

Ave Maria!

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