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Video – Fr. Elias – Clearing the Air: Personhood for Chimps?

By April 19, 2007March 1st, 2019Clearing the Air, Fr. Elias Mills
Clearing the Air #3 – Fr. Elias – Chimps are not humans >>> Play

Ave Maria!

This week Fr. Elias clears the air about Hiasl the chimpanzee and the Austrian court’s desire to take up the case to declare him a person. Watch this video as Fr. Elias explains how this error is routed in Satan’s dislike for humanity and is quite similar to the Nazi’s who confused humans with animals.

Ave Maria!


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  • Marc says:

    This is something you would see on a comedy news show. It’s sad.

  • FATHER ELIAS says:


    Dear Marc, Yes you are right, this is sad, but true. People who claim to be intelligent have told themselves the lie for so long that now they believe them. This is an example of the sin against the Holy Spirit. They need our prayers and we must be vigilant christian citizens ready to defend the truth and the common good. Ave Maria! Father Elias