Video – No Apologies #3- Mary, Ark of the New Covenant

By April 9, 2007March 4th, 2009Fra Joseph Mary, No Apologies
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Ave Maria!

Continuing his discourse on Old Testament prefigurements of Mary, Fra Joseph shows the many ways Mary is like the Ark of the Old Covenant, and how this gives biblical evidence for the Catholic Marian doctrines of the Immaculate Conception, Divine Maternity, Perpetual Virginity. Come watch this interesting video and see how Mary is the fulfilment of this most important of Old Testament symbols.

Ave Maria!

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  • Mary Ann says:

    Thank you Father for this series!!! It is wonderful to explore the depths of our faith and to understand the correlation with the teachings of our church and the Old Testament. I am especially intrigued with the prefigurements of Our Most Loving Mother in the Old Testament.
    Most importantly I am able to have my children view this video knowing they are being taught the truths of our Faith.
    I LOVE AIR MARIA. I am so grateful to Our Lady for allowing me to stumble upon it. I pray you and the Friars are blessed abundantly for your work. We desperately are in need of apologetics and our children need to learn why our church believes these wonderful truths. Thank You also for the simplicity in your presentation. I look forward to your next lesson!