Video – Fra Joseph – No Apologies #2 – Marian Dogmas

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Ave Maria!

In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph discusses the nature of Biblical typology, its validity and how it can be applied to lend support for the Marian dogmas of the Church. Come learn about Mary in the Old Testament.

Ave Maria!

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  • Alex Gibbs says:

    Fra Joseph,
    Quickly! Make more apologetics vlogs. They are great. The mission field at Temple University is very trying and as students we aren’t always able to answer the questions of those who test us.

    God Bless,
    Alex Gibbs

  • Sue says:

    Ave Maria!

    This is so fascinating. Keep them coming Fra Joseph, we are learning! May God continue to bless your vocation.

    Air Maria!

  • Woody Jones says:

    Christ is Risen!

    Many thanks, Fr. Joseph, for these extremely helpful vlogs; may you be able to do many more, very soon!

    Air Maria is a true Godsend for all of us, so please keep up all the good work.

    Indeed He is Risen!