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By March 26, 2007March 5th, 2009Fra Joseph Mary, No Apologies
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Ave Maria! Fra Joseph Mary gives his first show on apologetics with no apologies. This series will have a Marian emphasis and be geared for beginners, that is, the youth and young adults to help them learn to defend their faith. But with his clear and pleasing delivery, Fra Joseph should gather a large following from all ages and walks of life. In this episode Fra Joseph gives a quick explanation of the series, a definition of apologetics and then discusses how Charity and Humility needs to be combined with knowledge of doctrine in order for us to become effective apostles of the truth. Ave Maria!

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  • James Hahn says:

    Great pilot. Looking forward to more!

  • Sue says:

    Ave Maria!

    Your message rings so true. Looking forward to your series. May God bless!

    Ave Maria!

  • Robin and Roy says:

    Aw…. You just whet our appetite and then stopped! We were left wanting more!! Don’t disappoint us.

    Aver Maria!

    Roy and Robin Kerlin

  • Virginia Katsaounis says:

    Amazing, I have been looking for something and I think this is it!
    I can’t wait to hear more.
    Ave Maria! Virginia Katsaounis