Video – Fr. Bonaventure Mary – Homily: Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin.

By February 18, 2007October 27th, 2011Fr. Bonaventure, Homily
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Ave Maria!

In today's Gospel Reading Our Lord tells us to "love your enemies, do good to those who hate you," and "Stop judging and you will not be judged." Fr. Bonaventure points out that this does not mean (as so many interpret it today) as meaning we should not declare what is wrong. But rather that we should do so in charity, loving the sinner and hating the sin. In fact, because we do love our neighbor, we should proclaim the truth firmly and even be stern when needed, following the example of Our Lord.

Ave Maria!


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  • Ave Maria! says:

    I appreciate the opportunity to listen to a true homily!
    I have longed for this.

    Ave Maria!

  • Thom says:

    I being a husband and father and aspire to be a good christian man, have a concern about sacrificing and the amount of sacrifice a father should give.

    If I sacrifice completely and totally (to the point of death if need be), for our Lord (example of St. Stephen) and do not give any regard to my children or wife, am I ignoring my primary vocation as a husband and father?

    If I CONSIDER my family before making the type of sacrifice previously mentioned, am I not placing my value on my family before my value of our Lord? In which case by merely making the consideration of the family before the sacrifice am I not breaking the 1st commandment?

    Also exactly when does the well being of my 1st vocation (my family) overide the sacrifice to be made for our Lord or the church? If at all?

    Ave Maria!

  • Boethius says:

    A father would not necessarily put himself in the same positon as a celbate missionary, or expose himself to the same dangers; but if it came to a point of either denying Christ or see your family perish, the second option is the better one. Of course there are all kinds of special Graces which are given at these moments, because this would not be the ‘natural’ thing to do.
    St Alphonsus’ ” Victories of the Martyrs” has a couple of instances of this kind of situation.