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Live Archive

Fi News – Last Night’s Live Broadcast

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Ave Maria!

The live broadcast of the Mass went well for the Solemnity of St. Joseph. We had about 115 viewers who viewed the Missa Cantata on AirMaria and at least two other sites who embedded the viewer, Rorate Caeli and Pro Multis Media. Thank you both for this. We had some audio problems and some glitches with the switching between the two cameras, but we are learning. The Chapel was quite full and the choir was simply heavenly as was the liturgy. All in all we have much to be thankful for. Glory be to God!

Videos Available at Ustream:

St Joseph #1 Missa Cantata – Prayers at the Foot of the Altar through the Gospel. Missed a few minutes at the beginning. Sorry about that. I was asleep at the switch.

St Joseph #2 Missa Cantata Homily – Missed 1st minute trying to restart recording. Early audio problems but gets better around 3min.

St Joseph #3 Missa Cantata – Suscipiat to Agnus Dei, includes the Consecration.

St Joseph #4 Missa Cantata – Domine non sum dignus, Communion.

Video – Coredemption Conference: Raymond de Souza

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
Click to Play Video
Short Video Series #7 – Raymond de Souza starts off the Coredemption Conference on a beautiful fall morning in Indianapolis (43min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

So here’s the first talk given at the Coredemption Conference held on Saturday 13th October 2007, at Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic Church, Greenwood, Indiana. Raymond de Souza had the honor of being the first speaker (or was it really an honor?) – we’ve taken the switched feed backup tape, fixed a few minor switching errors (no names mentioned!), re-captured the audio from the source tapes, and stitched this show together – please enjoy!

We will be trying to post one episode a week for the next several weeks until we have the whole Conference re-run. We will also make these talks available in podcasts, i.e. in MP3 format to download for use in MP3 players etc. – stay tuned.

Raymond has a brand new series now showing on EWTN – check it out Mondays at 11:00am, and Thursdays at 2:30am.

Raymond de Souza's new series on EWTN

Raymond de Souza’s Coredemption Conference Talk in MP3 format for iPods, MP3 Players, etc.

To download MP3 file, right-click on “Download” and then select “Save Link As…”

Ave Maria!


Video – Live Archive #3: Indiana Conference 2007 – Fr. Peter Fehlner

Thursday, October 25th, 2007
Click to Play Video
Live Archive?#3 – Fr. Peter Fehlner, FI at the Conference in Indiana (50min) >>> Play
? ?

Ave Maria!

Fr. Peter gives the last presentation at the?Behold Your Mother Marian Conference receiving a standing ovation.? The title of his talk is Mariae Advocatae Causa: The Marian Issue in the Church Today.?He discusses with his usual exuberance why the Marian titles of Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate are central to the Church today. Come listen as Fr. Peter connects these doctrines to a wide number of concerns for the Church.

Ave Maria!

Video – Live Archive #2: Conference 2007 – Panel Discussion

Sunday, October 21st, 2007
Click to Play Video
Live Archive?#2 – Scott Hahn and Mark Miravalle at a lively point in the Panel Discussion (45min) >>> Play
? ?

Ave Maria!

Here is the first of the segments from the Panel Discussion of the Behold Your Mother Marian Conference with Fr. Peter Fehlner, Scott Hahn, Mark Miravalle, Raymond de Souza and with Dana Scallon as the MC. This is a direct recording of the live feed. We intended to put all the conference up in this fashion but due to the computer crash half way through Scott Hahn’s presentation we lost most of the presentations. The first Question and Answer is hard to follow because of audio problems but these get resolved?quickly and the speakers handle all this so gracefully.

Ave Maria!