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Dec 27 – Homily – Fr Bonaventure: The Holy Family of Love and Life

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Homily #091227 ( 24min) Play – Today is the Feast of the The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and Fr. Bonaventure explains that the family is the core to a culture of life and saving the family from the attacks of the author of death, the Devil, is the central battle of our day. Jesus, Mary and Joseph are the exemplars of family life both in their exulted charity to which we should strive and in regard to the assaults that they survived in the form of Herod’s attempt to destroy them. Let us encourage the entire human family to embrace this ideal of love and courage.

Ave Maria! Mass readings
1: Sir 3:2-7,12-14
R: Ps 128:1-5
2: Col 3:12-21
G: Lk 2:22-40

Audio (MP3)


One Response to “Dec 27 – Homily – Fr Bonaventure: The Holy Family of Love and Life”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Thank you Father for a wonderful homily. I have been very devoted to St. Joseph for many years. He is so powerful and wonderful and has been a Father to me. He is a marvel and has worked wonders in my life. I am certain that if we turn to St. Joseph, he will protect the unborn from abortion and restore and protect the family and marriage. He will bring back modesty, chastity and motherhood and lead women to their true beauty and dignity. St. Joseph was very important for Our Lady and little Jesus. They needed him and loved him very much and turned to him daily with great affection – so should we. “Blessed be St. Joseph, our Lady’s most chaste spouse”

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