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Jan 31 – Homily – Fr Angelo: St John Bosco

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Homily #090131 ( 09min) Play – Fr. Angelo Geiger preaches on the life of St John Bosco and how he started the Salesian Order that reformed many street children to be good Catholics and citizens and did so with minimal discipline but with religion, reason and maximum kindness.
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One Response to “Jan 31 – Homily – Fr Angelo: St John Bosco”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    The Salesian schools sound wonderful. Too bad there don’t appear to be too many of them. From what I can see, there are 2 in CA and one in NY. I don’t know if they’re boarding schools or not. I’m hearing more and more data that all-boy schools can be a very good thing. The average school today is not set up for the average boy but more for the average girl. The only all-boy school in this CT area that I know of is Xavier and I don’t know much about it from a Catholic perspective. There is Avon Old Farms but that’s a very secular, exclusive school from what I gather. It’s good to keep our ears to the ground for the ideal settings for each of our kids. They’re all different.

    I enjoyed learning about St. John Bosco. As parents, we would do well to use the kindness *trait* more frequently. Atleast I know I should.

    God bless you all.

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