Roving Reporter
August 22, 2008

Video – Roving Reporter #44: Handmaids of the Immaculate & Evangelization

Roving Reporter #44 - Handmaids Evangelizing OysterFest ( 06min) >>> Play Friar Anthony catches up with Sr Ann Marie of the Handmaids of the Immaculate to discuss the Handmaids latest apostolate, evangelization in…
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Roving Reporter
August 28, 2008

Video – Roving Reporter #45: Franciscan Tertiary Handmaids of the Immaculate

Roving Reporter #45 - Sr Ann Marie explains the life of the Franciscan Tertiary Handmaids of the Immaculate ( 10min) >>> Play Friar Anthony sits down with Sr Ann Marie to discuss the…
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Mission Down UnderRoving Reporter
September 4, 2008

Video – Roving Reporter #46: Australian Franciscan Tertiaries

Roving Reporter #46 - Paul and Michele Carter discuss their apostolates as Franciscan Tertiaries of the Immaculate ( 06min) >>> Play Fra Cyprian caught up with Paul and Michele Carter, Franciscan Tertiaries of…
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Fr. George RothGriswold, CTHomily
November 29, 2012

Nov 29 – Homily – Fr George: All Franciscan Saints and Blesseds

Homily #121129 ( 10min) Play-¬†Fr. George preaches on this feast of all the saints and blesseds of the Franciscan orders, who faithfully lived out their vows by following the Rule of St. Francis.…
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