Holy Trinity

Benedict XVIFr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
April 16, 2008

Apr 16 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Their Minds will be Darkened

Homily #080416 ( 10min) Play - Sin, whether mortal or venial, darkens the intellect and weakens the will. The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, comes to our nation to bring the Light of…
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Fra Joseph MaryNo Apologies
March 17, 2009

Video – No Apologies #80 – Jehovah’s and the Trinity

No Apologies #80 - "Beyond reason doesn't mean contrary to reason." ( 06min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in the Trinity.  In their booklet "Should you believe in the Trinity?"…
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Fra Joseph MaryNo Apologies
March 24, 2009

Video – No Apologies #81 – Jehovah’s Trinity 2, Church Fathers

No Apologies #81 -  "...who is both the first-born Word of God and is God."-St. Justin Martyr( 06min) >>> Play Ave Maria! The Jehovah's booklet "Should You Believe in the Trinity" quotes from…
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Fra Joseph MaryNo Apologies
March 31, 2009

Video – No Apologies #82 – Jehovah’s and the Trinity 3- Scripture

No Apologies #82 - Jehovah's say the Catholic Church invented the Trinity in the 4th century. ( 05min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Jehovah's say the Trinity is false because it's not explicitly in…
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Fra Joseph MaryNo Apologies
April 7, 2009

Video – No Apologies #83 – Jehovah’s and the Trinity 4, Scripture

No Apologies #83 - Should you believe in the Trinity? YES! ( 06min) >>> Play Ave Maria! In this final look at the Jehovah's booklet "Should You Believe in the Trinity" we continue…
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Dr. Mark MiravalleMarycast Specials
April 11, 2014

Video – What is in Your Tabernacle – Dr. Miravalle: Mcasts220

MaryCast Specials #220 ( 09min) Play - Dr. Miravalle continues with his book "Who Dwells In You" on how we are tabernacles of God, whether just a spark, which is not saving, or the…
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Fr. Daniel MahanTour of the Catechism
June 1, 2014

Video – Tour of the Catechism #35 – Liturgy and Holy Trinity

Tour of the Catechism #35 ( 26min) - Paragraphs 1076-1112 http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/p2s1.htm - Part Two. The Celebration Of The Christian Mystery - - Section One. The Sacramental Economy - - - Chapter One. The Paschal Mystery…
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Fr. TitoHomilySt. Mary's, Baltic, CT
June 1, 2014

Jun 01 – Homily – Fr Tito: The Third Person of The Holy Trinity

Homily #140601t ( 06min) Play - Now is the time for the “mother” of all novenas. Ave Maria! Mass: Sunday 7th Week of Easter - Sunday - Form: OF Readings:  1st: act 1:12-14 Resp:…
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Bloomington, INFr. John JosephHomily
June 15, 2014

Jun 15 – Homily – Fr John Joseph: Trinitarian Testaments

Homily #140615b ( 14min) Play - Fr. John Joseph preaches on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, how it is taught in the Old Testament and the New and even in God's entire creation, and…
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