Live Events
February 21, 2010

Live – Sports Faith International Hall of Fame Induction

Ave Maria! Streaming .TV shows by UstreamSports Faith International Live Broadcast from Chicago Bears Halas Hall will be 2:00 to 5:00pm Central Time (3-6pm EST) today, February 21 View Larger Format and Chat…
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Dr. Mark MiravalleMarycast Specials
April 26, 2010

Video – Day of Dialog 5th Marian Dogma pt1 – Dr. Miravalle: Mcasts68

MaryCast Specials #68 ( 08min) Play - Dr. Mark Miravalle gives a synopsis of the events on March 25 in Rome as many theologians and bishops and even Cardinals  gathered for the Roman…
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Dr. Mark MiravalleMarycast Specials
February 11, 2013

Video – Benedict XVI Resignation and Prayer – Dr. Miravalle: Mcasts192

MaryCast Specials #192 ( 12min) Play - Dr. Mark Miravalle on the day that Pope Benedict announced that he will resign at the end of this month, praises the pope for his courageous leadership and exhorts…
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From the Web
March 1, 2013

Conclave Buzz Meter

Ave Maria! As we look ahead to the upcoming conclave, here is a list of Cardinal electors from New Advent, the site that has the Catholic Encyclopedia. The ranking is not what I…
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From the Web
March 6, 2013

Calling all Catholics! Pray with Cardinals 11am Eastern

Dr. Edward Mulholland, Gregorian Inst. - If you’re Catholic, somewhere along the line you have asked someone to pray for you, and certainly someone has asked you to pray for them. In God’s family,…
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NewsRome Reports
March 12, 2013

Cardinal electors celebrate ‘Pre Conclave’ Mass

Ave maria! http://en.romereports.com The day of the Conclave is here. Cardinal electors will stay inside the Vatican until a new Pope is elected. Cardinals celebrated Mass to mark the pre-conclave period. This special…
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