Fra David Houseal

Fra David HousealRoving Reporter
July 21, 2009

Video – Roving Reporter #69: Brianna’s 2nd Annual Yard Sale

Roving Reporter #69 - Roving Reporter Debutant - David Houseal ( 08min) >>> Play Ave Maria! I think we've unearthed some raw talent here in the Southern Tier of  NY State. David Houseal,…
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Fra David HousealRoving Reporter
October 1, 2009

Video – Roving Reporter #81: Master Sergeant Mike Cutone

Roving Reporter #81 - Master Sergeant Mike Cutone visits Our Lady of Guadalupe Friary. ( 12min) >>> Play Ave Maria! "Leadership in one form or another falls squarely on the shoulders of every…
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Fra David HousealMarian ConsecrationRoving Reporter
October 4, 2009

Video – Roving Reporter #83: Ray Piccerilli on Marian Consecration

Roving Reporter #83 - Ray Piccirilli explains his Apostolate of Prayer ( 11min) >>> Play Ave Maria! David Houseal interviews Ray Piccerilli on his efforts to promote Marian Consecration through the Apostolate of…
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Fra David HousealRoving Reporter
October 29, 2009

Video – Houseal – Norwich: 40 Days For Life

Roving Reporter #85 - David Houseal and Brian Daly( 07min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Postulant David Houseal grabs an interview with Brian Daly the Coordinator of "40 Days for Life" for Norwich Ave…
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Fra David HousealRoving ReporterSaints
December 16, 2009

Video – Friar David Houseal – Roving Reporter #90: Johnette Benkovic

Roving Reporter #90 - New Novice Friar David with Johnette Benkovic ( 08min) >>> Play Ave Maria! David Houseal is no longer a Postulant but is now a novice -  Friar David Mary…
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Fra David HousealRoving Reporter
January 4, 2010

Video – Roving Reporter #94: Dan Lynch – Our Lady of Guadalupe Missionary Image

Roving Reporter #94 - Type the Caption here ( 07min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Friar David caught up with Dan Lynch, the Director of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe Apostolate…
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Fra David HousealRoving Reporter
February 27, 2010

Video – Roving Reporter #100: Randy Albright A Child of Mary

Roving Reporter #100 - Randy Albright ( 05min) >>> Play Ave Maria! While AirMaria was in Chicago for the 3rd Annual "Sports Faith International" we were blessed to meet a child of Mary;…
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Fra David HousealRoving Reporter
March 10, 2010

Video – Roving Reporter #102: Brian Piccolo 2010 Inductee

Roving Reporter #102 - Fra David with Joy Piccolo O'Connell ( 04min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Sports Faith International is a Chicago-based initiative dedicated to inspiring and transforming our culture through the world…
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Fra David HousealRoving Reporter
March 11, 2010

Video – Roving Reporter #103: April Ortenzo

Roving Reporter #103 - Fra David and April Ortenzo at Halas Hall ( 04min) >>> Play Ave Maria! In this year's "Sports Faith International", April Ortenzo was chosen as "Athlete of The Year…
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Fra David HousealRoving Reporter
March 12, 2010

Video – Roving Reporter #104: Meagan Gitchell “Hometown Heroes Award”

Roving Reporter #104 - Fra David with Meagan Gitchell at Halas Hall ( 03min) >>> Play Ave Maria! In this year's (Sports Faith International - Hometown Heroes Award - Athlete of the Year…
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Fra David HousealNews
March 24, 2010

Video – General News #14: “LIVESTREAM” Rome March 25th 2010

General News #14 - "LIVESTREAM" Rome ( 01min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Is the Time Ripe for a 5th Marian Dogma? Vatican Forum to Host Discussion on Feast of Annunciation NOTE: If you're…
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Fra David HousealVariety
September 27, 2010

Video – Variety #92: Marcus Grodi Boston

Variety #92 - Fra David and Marcus Grodi ( 06min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Marcus Grodi promotes 1060 AM The Station of the Cross - Catholic Radio Network for Boston. Ave Maria! Audio…
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